Rockwell Automation Integrated Service Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

Rockwell Automation is a leading industrial automation company that provides solutions to customers across the globe. One of its most notable offerings is the Integrated Service Agreement (ISA), which helps customers optimize their operations and reduce downtime.

What is an Integrated Service Agreement?

An ISA is a service-level agreement between Rockwell Automation and its customers that provides comprehensive support for their automation equipment. It is a flexible agreement that allows customers to tailor the level of support they receive based on their specific needs.

The ISA includes proactive maintenance, technical support, remote monitoring, and repair services. It provides customers with peace of mind knowing that they have the right level of support in place to keep their automation equipment running efficiently.

Benefits of an Integrated Service Agreement

There are several benefits to having an ISA in place, including:

1. Reduced downtime: By providing proactive maintenance and remote monitoring services, the ISA can help reduce the amount of downtime experienced by customers.

2. Improved reliability: With regular maintenance and support, automation equipment is less likely to experience unexpected failures, which can result in costly downtime.

3. Increased productivity: When automation equipment is running efficiently, it can help improve overall productivity in a facility.

4. Cost savings: By providing comprehensive support, the ISA can help customers avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Customized Support

Rockwell Automation understands that every customer`s needs are unique, which is why the ISA is a customizable agreement. Customers can choose the level of support that they need, whether it`s basic support or a comprehensive package that includes remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

In addition to customizable support, the ISA also offers flexible payment options. Customers can choose from annual or multi-year agreements, depending on their needs and budget.


The Rockwell Automation Integrated Service Agreement is a comprehensive support package that can help customers optimize their automation equipment and reduce downtime. With customizable support and flexible payment options, the ISA is a valuable investment for any business that relies on automation equipment.

If you`re interested in learning more about the ISA or other offerings from Rockwell Automation, contact a representative today.

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