In Agreement With Used in a Sentence: Proper Usage and Examples

The phrase “in agreement with” is commonly used in written and spoken English to express a consensus or conformity between two or more parties, ideas, or things. It is often used interchangeably with other phrases such as “in line with” or “in accordance with”. However, knowing the proper usage of “in agreement with” can help elevate the clarity and professionalism of your writing.

Structure and Usage

The phrase “in agreement with” is usually followed by a noun or a pronoun. It can also be followed by a gerund or a clause. When used with a noun or pronoun, “in agreement with” should be used in the same way as “in accordance with” or “in conformity with”.

Example: I am in agreement with your proposal.

When used with a gerund, “in agreement with” shows the action that is agreed upon.

Example: In agreement with their decision, we are moving forward with the project.

When used with a clause, “in agreement with” expresses the agreement on the subject of the clause.

Example: In agreement with what you said earlier, I think we should go with the blue design.

Examples of “in agreement with” in sentences

Here are some examples of “in agreement with” used in sentences:

– The results of the research are in agreement with our previous findings.

– The company`s priorities are in agreement with its mission statement.

– In agreement with the team`s consensus, we decided to launch the product in three months.

– The new policy is in agreement with the regulator`s guidelines.

– I am in agreement with the CEO`s vision for the future of the company.


“In agreement with” is a useful phrase for expressing conformity and consensus in written and spoken English. Understanding the proper usage of the phrase can enhance the clarity and precision of your writing. When using “in agreement with,” make sure that it is followed by a noun, pronoun, gerund, or clause that accurately reflects the agreement between the parties or ideas being discussed. With these guidelines in mind, you can effectively use “in agreement with” in your writing to convey your opinion and ideas.

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